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ACUMEN DGV Digital Gear Indicator og Voltmeter

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Hel ny og ubrugt sælges, idet jeg ikke kan få plads til den på min MC.

Den er en universal udstyr som kan monteret på næsten alle MC'er. Se her:
"Acumen, the UK’s leading motorcycle electronics manufacturer, has introduced a new version of their best-selling DG8 digital gear indicator that includes a voltmeter. This will help owners to spot some of the more common problems with the battery and charging system, whether at home or out on the road. Typical issues include battery malfunction, failing alternator and faulty regulator/rectifier, any of which could leave you stranded (with a ‘flat’ or ‘fried’ battery) if not attended to.
Like the original DG8, the DGV can learn up to 8 gears and comes equipped with an automatic auto-dim facility for nighttime use. The DGV is supplied as a head unit with a plug-in extension lead (over 1.5metres total length) for those 'universal fits' and comprehensive fitting instructions. However, Acumen can also supply Plug-and-Go model-specific looms for most popular motorcycles, which the DGV will plug into."


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Siavash T
Mand | 60 år | Oprettet: 27. maj 2006

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ACUMEN DGV Digital Gear Indicator og Voltmeter