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Lukáš Kroupa og jakub 'hawk' dražan xy250gy-2

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First Usable Chinese Mud! With the XY250GY-2 you can go all day into the woods and also get back from it!
Shineray, like most of the Chinese brands in our market, does not have a good reputation for customers. But the gentlemen of the Shineray Bigshock team tried to convince us that the Shineray XY250GY-2 is completely different from a barrel.
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Shineray XY250GY-2
Thumbnail image for http://www.cmn.cz/Controls/ImagerTitulka.ashx?foto=tit_2010_33.jpg Why should this motorcycle work? That was the question we made on the way to Klatovy near Pilsen to the company Profi-direkt-moto, where the official Shineray team was waiting for us under the Bigshock sponsor. This team participates in the current season of the crosscountry racing circuit with the Shineray XY250GY-2 motorcycle piloted by Lukáš Kroupa. And with one breath I add that very successfully. Shineray Bigshock also appears on motocross businesses. There the handlebar leads to the change of rider Jaroslav Kolman.

From the road through the forest to the racetrack
Testing of the XY250GY-2 took place on the adjacent Klatovy training course. Our support for the presentation and testing was done not only by the competitor Lukáš Kroupa with his manager, but also by Bohumil Last, our legendary endura rider. It should be noted that the tested motorcycle was not a completely empty series. Here are listed parts - handlebars, grips, throttle, front wheel, plastic, mask and exhaust. Chassis, chassis and engine, except for the opening of the exhaust, remained original. The quality of the series assembled components corresponds to the price. Therefore, do not wait for the switches on the handlebars and the BMW, but also no "gray". They work well, they may just look a little bit awkward. The overall impression of Shineray is very luminous, and the closer it will be to the next fifty-five chain.

Hunt for the high
After you set up on the motorbike, you will find that the saddle / handlebars / legs are right and triangle. However, the rest of the bike's geometry is also welcoming, but it does not just come out of the way that China has just dropped the meter in design. Just the right wheelbase, the correct height and the right strokes. The frame is made of chromium-manganese and a swingarm made of aluminum alloy. Both materials give motorbike enough strength as we were convinced during testing. Thanks to them, the bike gets to an acceptable weight of 125 kilograms without filling.

The four valves represent success
The quality of this crucifix (the riding model is a cross, redesigned for crosscountry) is best taught by the engine and the chassis. In Chinese machines, we have been accustomed to the European and Japanese competitors with the same engine volume of about ten horses due to the construction and imperfect timing of the engine. But Shineray chose a higher technical bar. Similar to Apollo motorcycles with the 2010 production year, Shineray also uses four-valve technology in the engine. Compared to a twin-valve engine of the same design, it's a great leap forward. The bike works better with carburettor and exhaust. In addition, the two valves improve the performance of the whole speed spectrum and eliminate overloading of the engine in the filling and exhaust direction. The result is that the bike is burning more perfectly, it does not chop and better idle. For filling, the XY250GY-2 uses a membrane vacuum carburetor. It works perfectly perfectly, so perfectly that I had a hand on the starter when I was on a motorbike, the engine turned half a turn and already brawled. Pushing the engine by hand would be a toy in this case if the bike had a starter lever. The XY250GY-2 has only a starter. But kickstart treatment is possible with this six-speed engine.

The ride is on the chassis
Hurá na trat. We let MXku for a while and the handlebar is taken by Lukáš Kroup. It shows that the bike can jump on the bench just like any other. After transferring my bike to my hands, I'm a bit suspicious of my suspension. It's totally serial but practically no sign of damping. I ask Lukáš if he likes it and I get the answer "yes". Lukáš is about 10 kilos heavier than me, so after the first encounter on the forest road, I command three cranks to lower the front fork and the rear shock absorber, down the thread. I try to try the bike again and I'm not quite surprised. The chassis for the setting really reacts and the difference is more than just the gap. I'm going to a test motocross track where I do not feel at home. After the first few minutes, however, Shineray is clear that he has the potential. The rear brake pedal and the shift lever are where they should be, and their qualitative performance meets the standards of renowned manufacturers. No chrome lever from one piece of iron. A great surprise is the front brake. Even though our machine received a different disc in comparison with the series, its effect and good dosivatelnost just change the disc do not admit. There are virtually two fingers on the brake.
I drive the bike from idle to its maximum. Quality behind the quality falls from one to three before the bike goes into a corner. Pleasant is that the engine does not have any performance drops (or peaks) and goes after the "Enduro" nicely from the bottom. So far, I feel the only problem in gearless gearshift. It's a bit of habit and feeling. I know gearboxes that support speeding faster than this. For these two reasons, my bike goes much better in the woods, where I would have the first day out of the day with an enduro trip. Driving on a motocross track would be the only choice for the owner, for a real deal, because under these conditions, Shineraye is not so sure and joyful.

You are going, others are standing
The Chinese Endura, if somehow well done, was usually mated by a coupe, whose function is particularly important in long journeys. Here I make Shineray's compliment, because his clutch works at 100%. It is not stiff, has a uniform stroke and does not slip. Everything is the way you are used to. From a practical point of view, the first-time foamed filter (identical to KTM) or a six-speed gearbox is also worth a lift. Another plus, distinguishing Shineray from the competition, is resistance to moisture and water. If, for example, with Apollo or unfortunately the Czech Blatou 125 BXE passes through a larger puddle or stream, in 90% of cases you will end at least five minutes before the motorbike dries up. The XY250GY-2 did not show a single hint of uncertainty and water in the daylight.

Flexible engine, functional chassis. These are the two biggest benefits of the Shineray XY250GY-2, which has shifted the bar of China's products a great deal forward and certainly it's an exceptional model. I imagine his owner like a hobbitch who likes to ride regularly enduro and does not want to rub in the motorcycle with nonsense big service costs. Due to the results achieved in the races, the motorcycle is in good hands fully competitive, and so for the hobby will be on the MX track full of beginnings fully satisfactory. Additionally, upcoming racing support and pop-ups specifically for these motorcycles could make them even more enjoyable. For the Shineray in a serial form you will give 59 990 CZK. For your home, the XY250GY-2, which looks like our tested (mostly aesthetic, not technical adjustments), you will pay for about $ 15,000 (but then it looks good!).

Why buy Shineraye
- Fully adjustable adjustable chassis
- Small spare parts availability - Gasket, Valve safety rings ...
- Cheap engine spare parts and repairs
- Passive KTM plastics including air filter

Why not buy Shineraye
- European or Japanese enduro / krosek

Service intervals
- engine oil 6 mth (10W40)
- piston replacement 70 mth
- valve adjustment 30 mth

Spare parts prices
- piston set 2500 CZK
- valve 800 CZK
- swing fork 3900 CZK
- complete engine 25 000 CZK
- complete plastic set 2000 Kc
- rear silencer 3800 Kc
- complete rear wheel 3900 Kc

Technical data
Volume 250,2 cm3
Power 18 kW / 30k @ 9000
Weight 125 kg (without charge)
Price 59 900 Kc

Engine: liquid cooled 4-stroke single cylinder, DOHC / 4 valves, drill x stroke 70.0 x 65 mm , diaphragm vacuum carburettor, electric starter, six-speed gearbox
Chassis: chromium-manganese double backbone frame, fully adjustable telescopic fork at the front, rear alloy swingarm with central fully adjustable silencer, front disc brake, double piston caliper, rear disc, front tires 80 / 100-21, rear tires 110 / 100-18
Dimensions:length 2184 mm, width 832 mm, height 1259 mm, wheelbase 1498 mm, minimum clearance height 320 mm, seat height 960 mm Depth

vs. slider - technical window
The membrane vacuum carburetor is used on the XY250GY-2. Compared to the spool, it has an immense advantage for the user, in automatic regulation of the amount of mixture under all conditions. Unfortunately, due to its construction, the fact that a vacuum or roller shutter can cause the intake of the mixture to drop into the engine due to vibrations and unwanted motion, so if you want to blow the gas in the air, the engine may be tilted. However, this situation will be achieved only on the motocross track and it is an acceptable tax for the otherwise trouble-free function of the carburetor, which even after the fall does not burn the engine so that you can not start a minute. This problem can be eliminated thanks to a straight-through slide valve with a classic spool carburetor. However, at the cost of the worse start and dosing of the mixture, which will guide you through every gas rotation and engine pickup from lower revs. So, if you're fighting your Chinese motorcycle to set the mixture, try a vacuum carburetor. It saves you a lot of problems and nerves.

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Lukáš Kroupa og jakub 'hawk' dražan xy250gy-2

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