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Martin s

Mand, 32 år, Storkøbenhavn
Oprettet: 2. jun 2007
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Maskinmester (Så du kan helt helt trygt stole på hvad jeg skriver er rigtigt hø hø ;-) )

Bor på midt/sydsjælland

Kawasaki ZX10R

Tidligere køretøjer:
Suzuki GSXR 750 - 1998
Motard: Husqvarna 610 TC - 1995
BMW R60/6 - 1976
Yamaha YZF 250 - 2005
Suzuki SMX - 2004
Puch Maxi

"Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence”

"A helmet is really just a legal requirement after 200 km/h. Only a true petrolhead loves the feeling of crossing that line and oblivion is the price of failure, and the only reward is the thrill of speed."

"When you are in a car, you are always in a compartment, and everything you see through the windshield, is just like watching TV.
You are observing the external world, moving by you in a frame.
On a cycle the frame is gone.
You are completely in contact with it all.
You are in the scene. Not just watching it anymore.
The concrete whizzing by five inches below your foot, is the real thing.
So, blurred you can’t focus on it. Put you can put your foot down and touch it at any time.
And the experience is never removed from immediate consciousness.

Just as the bird in the cage never experiences flight.
The man in the cage never experiences true freedom.
When you escape the cage, travelling becomes less about point A and B, but rather the line in between them.
Hiking a mountain becomes less about the summit and more about each individual step.
Failure no longer seem like an end, but rather feedback for adjustment along the path.
Why do we care about escaping the cage? - Sitting on the sofa watching 4K TV is comfortable.
Motorcycles aren’t for anybody, most people have no problem living in the warm comfort of the womb, insulated, yet not growing, not progressing, not moving forward.”

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