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2. jun
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First bike recommendations {{forumTopicSubject}}

Hey everyone,
My name is Renatto and this month I pass Category A license smiley I have been interested in motorcycles for a while now and enjoyed even more during lectures at school.
The biggest dilemma for me is choosing motorcykle after getting license, there is so many and their prices vary so much. Mostly I am into street bikes like Honda CB, Suzuki Bandit, GSXR or newer Yamaha MT-07.
I have driven Yamaha FZ6N, Kawasaki Vulcan, Honda CB500 and by far Honda was the best one in my opinion. I am also pretty tall 191cm and found with other bikes to feel strain in back and butt smiley

I would love to know your recommendations, because Im scrolling through DBA every day and looking for all bikes from 30 up to 80k.

Best Regards :))

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  • #1   20. jul Hi. New riders im My opinion need a predictable stable and easy bike to start learning on. Im about same height and find only few bikes to be cramped, so maybe its just about getting used to riding more. Go for something with 50-75 hp. That plenty enough to be fun, but not too fun smiley before you build your skill (wich is only now starting) My girlfriend have a kawasaki ninja 650 for sale for 63000 (look in My gallery) i can ride it no problem, but its a little cramped. However a low seat is very usefull for New riders. Go look at yammie noob on youtube, he has a lot of lists for good beginner riders. I honestly don't really know what to recomend. Because usually beginner riders choose cheaper bikes. Also consider the greater risk of dropping the bike when you are a rookie. As it is very sad to drop the bike with a lot smiley happy hunting and go find what suits you smiley

  • #2   20. jul Welcome to the happy world of motorcycling:-)
    I have the approx. same height as you and in that regard also tend to feel cramped on sportbikes. So for a more upright seating positition, look for naked bikes (eg. MT-07) and similar. Bear in mind that the producers tend to have quite different sizes, ergonomically speaking. New Kawasakis are pretty small for tall riders, in my opinion.

    Adventure bikes, or ADV-lookalikes, often are better suited for tall riders. BMW G 310 GS, second hand Suzuki Vstroms makes a more comfortable seating position, but definately far from the sporty design of sportsbikes.

    123mc.dk is a better place to look for motorbikes. It has nice search functionality and overviews from the various shops in DK.

    Have fun hunting your new bike! It is a fun and time consuming hobby:-)

  • Renatto
    Renatto Tilmeldt:
    jun 2021

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    #3   22. jul Thank you both for answers and honest opinions, I think I fell with MT-07 in love smiley and especially that Akrapovic muffler. Want to ask, is DB killer allowed in Denmark?

  • #4   22. jul #3 yes dB killer is mandatory, and muffer must be marked with E.

  • #5   25. jul New rules, to much noise will reward you with a penalty of around kr 1.700,- the first time, and a trip to the MOT (synshal)

  • Renatto
    Renatto Tilmeldt:
    jun 2021

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    #6   26. jul Woah, how do I check which muffler what grade has ?

  • #7   26. jul Ask the dealer or seller.
    There are some E marks and numbers.

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First bike recommendations